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More News!

18 Jun

Lucy with my neighbor

Pups are SEVEN weeks old today!! And they have their first interested potential adopter. AND she’d only be able to take ’em home after July 4th, which is PERFECT because they’ll be ten weeks old! YAY!!

And it looks like I might end up staying in NYC afterall, and pursuing my dog training career here. We have so many dogs in need, and so many less than ideal trainers, I feel like it’s the least I could do. I’m seriously considering opening up a large training facility (large enough to hold agility/nosework/etc. classes) and rig up a rescue at the same location. I figure if I can get a nice enough facility I can even hold seminars and etc. here, which I feel are really lacking in my area and really bring clicker training to the masses of NYC!

I’ve been less than thrilled with a local rescue and I think I can make a huge positive impact on my neighborhood and really help a lot of dogs. I’m excited, can you tell? I’m envisioning indoor/outdoor runs either on the roof or in a backyard. I understand it may be difficult to find my ideal location, but I really hope it’s possible. And I’d love to do kids and puppies programs, and have a volunteer program. And maybe even have a pilot program to train some shelter dogs as service dogs.

So I made a fledgling facebook account for my business while my friend’s working on my real website:¬†

Come say hi and check us out!

I’m currently giving free intro to clicker training classes at a local park and today was our first one. It went swimmingly, if I may say so. We had FIVE people! And a child, so five and a half? Let’s make it six, she participated in the exercises. Tomorrow is part 2. I’ve broken it up so that part 1 sessions on Saturdays are people only so I can teach basics and handler skills without boring dogs, and part 2 sessions are on Sundays where they’ll bring their pups, show off homework and focus on working with their dogs. Charlie was our demo dog today and he did really well – worked for everyone!

So that’s what I’ve been up to, in addition to all my KPA stuff. My head is just swimming!!

The new face of my business. I'm working on getting a better picture, but it's cute, no?





Tasmanian Devils, I Tell You!

14 Jun

Puppies are driving me crazy!

6 weeks old already!

They have sharp little teeth and they BITE HARD!

When they’re out they’re little more than black whirlwinds wrecking havoc and demolishing everything in their path.

When they’re in (their ex-pen) they want out and HOWL. Like little wolves. At five AM. Every day.

But¬†dammit if they aren’t the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

So the three or so times a day I clean their ex-pen of poop-art (budding geniuses, I tell you), wash them down, gird my legs, toes, ankles, and nose from sharp teeth, and stuff the pillow over my head every night to try and get just a *little* more sleep, I remind myself that the alternative is grim.

And once they’re washed, dried, fed, pooped, and peed, they are FUN to watch.

But no one else agrees.

Charlie will not get off the bed (which they can’t get onto, it’s his sole haven). Tigress will not get off her tree (I had to give her her own water bowl up there). Emma has learned to snarl (I didn’t think her lips were that flexible!). And Lucy goes from playing with them to snarling when they try to nurse (she’s weaning them and I don’t blame her!).

The last few days as they’ve really gotten nutty I’ve considered shipping the lot of ’em back to the rescue, but I know it will mean a total cessation of socialization, and life in a wire crate for 19 hours a day. It will also mean they’ll either be with mom 24/7 or without her 24/7, both of which are not ideal. And the little gains I’ve made in Lucy’s housebreaking will have flown out the window, along with the trust I’ve built up in her.

But I also haven’t done a smidge of work for the KPA and I’m starting to worry. Charlie’s smart, but we have a LOT of stuff to learn and the less frequently we train, the harder it is for us once we get going.

So I’ve been battling with myself. They’re quite the handful (Lucy’s no easy cake herself), but I’m pretty sure I’d never forgive myself if I did let them go (other than to a new home). I wish I could just fast forward their development and get them adopted already!

Once they’re gone we’ll all take a well deserved and NEEDED break from fostering. And I probably will not foster puppies again until Charlie has passed. I wasn’t planning on fostering puppies this time, it just happened that way.

OK, how about some pictures?

Introducing Jude!

Introducing Sergeant Pepper!

I just want to mush on them!

And then they woke up . . .

Say it with me . . . AAWWW

Just for a scale, the black strip is two inches wide. And that came out of my puppies!!!!

My old farts trying to beat the heat.

One of Emma's new mouth tumors =-(

So please forgive me for going AWOL in blog land. I realize at this point there are probably few people still reading my blog, and I’m sorry I’ve fallen into oblivion! Once the monsters are gone I might regain my sanity.

And yesterday was my cousin’s wedding. I had the great responsibility of being her Maid of Honor and it was absolutely fantastic. I’ll share pictures once I get them.

For some reason, even after I’ve cleaned, it just always smells like poop here.

OK off to sleep. I want to try and make off leash hours for the adults tomorrow morning.

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